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This Wedding Season is for Big Fat GOLD Gifts :  Giving gifts on the Wedding Day is a long-standing custom. Whether you are getting married or if it’s someone else in your family or amongst your friend circle, gifting the perfect present on the “big day” is quite a task. However, the giving gifts activity or sagans, as it is called, generally, includes cash, gold coins, gold biscuits, fruits, sweets and even jewelry.

The traditional Indian gold jewelry is famous throughout the world for its intricate patterns and designs.  With a rich historical background, influence of different cultures and religions, India is a one stop shop for splashing big money on gold jewelry. With such an importance of Gold and Jewelry, in our society, Indian households, this wedding season are spending considerably.

"Indians prefer to get married in winter to avoid the monsoon rains and summer heat. Typically, the wedding season runs from November to February and though Gold Prices are ruling at their peak at this time of the year, the average consumption per household has clearly gone up twice over,'' says Mahesh Zaveri, gold jewelry retailer.


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